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La force du symbole : Sommes-nous prêts à punir les fraudeurs ? with Cécile Bazart, Revue Economique, forthcoming

Behavioural Economics and Tax Evasion: Calibrating an Agent-based Econophysics Model with Experimental Tax Compliance Data, with Cécile Bazart, Sascha Hokamp and Götz Seibold, 2016, Journal of Tax Administration, 2(1), p.126-144

Rémunération et effort des travailleurs dans un cadre collectif,  with Isabelle Vialle, 2016, L’Actualité Economique, 92(1-2)

Self-Control, Commitment and Peer Pressure: A Laboratory Experiment, with Laurent Denant-Boèmont,  2015, Experimental Economics, 18(4), 543-568

Reciprocal relationships in tax compliance decisions, with Cécile Bazart, 2014, Journal of Economic Psychology, 40(C), p.83-102

Sequential location under one-sided demand uncertainty, with Stéphane Turolla, 2009, Research in Economics, 63(3), p.145-159

Gender pairing bias in trustworthiness, with Daniel Serra, 2009, Journal of Socio-Economics, 38(5), p. 779-789

La réciprocité, entre psychologie et rationalité économique, 2008, Revue Française d’Economie, XXIII (1), p.203–232

Une analyse théorique et empirique des déterminants sous-jacents dans la prise de décision,  2008, Revue Economique, 59 (3, p.675–684


Working papers

Social Comparisons and Peer effects with Heterogeneous Ability, CREM working paper 2014-11.  Newest version September 2016: manuscript ,   supplementary_materials


Works in progress

Risk and Fairness Preferences in Community Supported Agriculture Membership, with Kévin Bernard and Douadia Bougherara (short_abstract)

Do people contribute to punish evaders: An experimental study, with Cécile Bazart (short_abstract)

Spatial competition with demand uncertainty: A laboratory experiment, with StéphaneTurolla

Cooperation within team after horizontal merger